Experience without barriers

Cities, public institutions and culture centers are becoming more and more accessible to wheelchair users each year. However, many physically challenged people still do not have an opportunity to enjoy a music festival the way it is meant to be. One of those willing to change that is the Nadace OKD (OKD Foundation) who supports the accessibility of United Islands by Česká spořitelna for the third year now.

If you are handicapped, do not feel afraid to visit United Islands by Česká spořitelna this year. With help from Nadace OKD, the organizers prepare a special accessibility bus for regular trips between the stages in Kinský Garden, Petřín and Kampa. They will build platforms for wheelchair users, ramps over obstacles, accessible restrooms and the bezBAR with barkeeps on wheelchairs. Trained assistants will also be at your disposal for help.

Dear handicapped visitors and parents with prams, Nadace OKD is inviting you to the music festival United Islands by Česká spořitelna. We believe you will enjoy the program!