How to get to the festival

The road to Ladronka: 

To get to the festival area at Ladronka, take:

– Tramway routes 22 and 25, get off at Vypich

– Extended service bus route 191, get off at U Ladronky

– Extended service bus route 176, get off at the temporary Festivalová stop

The temporary Festivalová stop is located at the intersection of Atletická and Spiritka streets (approximately 100m south from the Garage Stage)


From Ladronka to the Jazz Stage in Portheimka Park:

– Extended service route 176 from the temporary Festivalová stop to Arbesovo náměstí stop, continue ca. 400m on foot

– Extended service route 191 from U Ladronky to Anděl, continue ca. 500m on foot

– Tram routes 6, 9, 12 and 20, get off at Arbesovo náměstí.


From Portheimka Park to Ladronka:

– Extended service bus route 176 from Arbesovo náměstí to the temporary Festivalová stop (ca. 400m on foot)

– Extended service bus route 191 from Anděl (ca. 500m on foot) get off at U Ladronky


The road from the Ladronka area to the clubs (Friday and Saturday):

– To clubs Café Nona, Rock Café, PopoCafe Petl Újezd, Malostranská beseda: from the temporary Festivalová stop to Újezd a Národní Divadlo – line marked as UI Národní

– To clubs Roxy, NOD, Divadlo Archa and Zephyr: from U Ladronky to Náměstí republiky – line marked as UI nám. republiky.

Information on the current timetables of regular lines is available at