Picnic with [dunkelbunt] 2 by Julia Wesely

Dunkelbunt (AT)

Ulf Lindemann, a multi-instrumentalist and producer from Vienna, hiding under the stage name of [dunkelbunt] is a leading representative of the trends in the mixing of electronica and traditional music, which happens to be Balkans folklore in this case. His range starts at the jazz piano he studied, reaches across the long years of producing hip-hop to the remixing of records by such greats like Beat Box, Parov Stelar, Gotye, Tori Amos and Boban Markovic Orkestar. Lindemann often takes pleasure in performing as a DJ.
However, his original music is more important for him. Lindemann tours the globe with the quintet The Secret Swing Society where he especially plays all sorts of keyboard instruments. [dunkelbunt] has built his original sound on the intersections of hip-hop and dancehall with electro-swing, Balkan rhythms and klezmer.