Goodfellas (2)

Goodfellas (CZ)

They are most often called “an acoustic rock band” – and for a reason. The music comes with a healthy amount of energy and the singer/songwriter spirit that also showed in the records made by world-class “unplugged rock stars” of the 1990’s when the style was high fashion.  Goodfellas met in Karlovy Vary in 2007 and have performed at hundreds of venues throughout the Czech Republic and Central Europe. The band recorded Robbery Blues, the debut album, in the Philadephonic studio in California in 2011.

Goodfellas entrusted their acoustic sound and the straightforward rock’n’roll tunes to the producer Chris DiBeneditto who has worked with bands like G Love & Special Sauce, Slightly Stoopid, and the singer/songwriter Jack Johnson. “The sound we brought from California would be hard to get in Czechia. We saw how the straightforwardness and confidence of American bands is born,” the band members happily comment, adding:  “We’ll show you that you can break window panes and drive your neighbors nuts even with an acoustic guitar.”