J (CZ)

“Singer-songwriter garage” performed by a single person, Jakub Jirásek. He says he sings about “his friends, trips and his girlfriend”. The only live accompaniment he has is his guitar and an iPod. He prepares the studio records in his living room, which gives them a strong touch of lo-fi. J released his second EP Cold Cold Nights in June 2012 and some journalists have named it among the most inspiring records of the year.

Jakub Jirásek grew up in Switzerland and is going to graduate from secondary school this year, which makes him a member of the youngest generation of artists. Regardless, the news portal aktualne.cz has nominated him, according to expert polls, among the most interesting discoveries of the past year, likening his m to Beck. The journalist and promoter Michal Pařízek has commented his work to be “a most refreshing combination of talent, youth and cheek with a sense for interesting melody.”