Kittchen (CZ)

The debut record, Menu, by the artist wearing the guise and stage name of Kittchen was released in 2011 as a free download and it brought quite a stir to the musical public. The record was positioned as original “industrial songwriting” and would gradually win the audiences, praise in the reviews as well as a nomination for the Vinyla awards. The record was later issued as a vinyl record as well.

One year later, the website offered the remix record Dezert where the tracks from the debut album were tended to by artists like Bratři Orffové, Bonus, Květy and Ille. The secretive Kittchen collaborated with Tomáš Neuwerth (Nierika, Umakart) to prepare a live version of the “kitchen” show and cruise the country by trains again and again. The second regular album, Radio, was finished in May and it, too, has been offered as free download on Kittchen’s website since 1st May.