my name is music

My Name Is Music (AT)

This indie band from Vienna is skyrocketing and its site ranks among the most popular sections of Austrian Myspace. A mixed duo, Phoebe Hall and Niki Altmann have been likened to White Stripes and Ting Tings. They deliver highly explosive sexy groove, catchy rock ‘n’ roll, but especially simple arrangements in the best tradition of rock, blues, funky and electro. The band has released three albums: Revolution (2010), We are Terrorists (2011) and the latest Super Acceleration.

My Name Is Music are known to Czech audiences both from the airwaves of Rádio 1 and from the stages they often share with the popular Goodfellas. One of the Czech reviewers has stated that they are “one guitar, percussions, vocals, some keyboards here and there and, first of all, original ideas for which many pop-music laymen would sell their souls”.