photography by din aharony_all rights reserved_8856

NoamiKo (IL)

The computer, guitar and microphone, such is the arsenal of the artist who calls himself NoamiKo and works up a little patch of land where music styles join. He delivers all sorts of mixes in his solo project as well as in the electronic rock band Kitzu and the “folkatronic” formation Folo. He also takes a liking in writing musical scores for dance performances and films, cooperated with other artists in free multidisciplinary improvisations.

As a solo artist, NoamiKo has signed up for the Anova Music label where he released his debut 7′′ single. His music is often referred to as a mix of vibrations à la Caribou, the beats of Baths and Gold Panda with the poetical songwriting of Devendra Banhart.