Notes from Prague (CZ)

The project was founded in 2001 by the rapper Antwi and David Chvátal, a director of skateboarding videos, as the pilot music project of the sk8 videojournal Praha 2000-2003. The project’s community was intrigued by the raw underground sound.  At the time, David’s brother Michal, a.k.a. Maykee, and DJ Negative joined in to form a full-form hip-hop group. The Script Of Both Elements debut album was released in 2002.

The project’s next album, Same Place, won the attention of larger audiences and NFP expanded to include a live band. The percussions, bass and guitar build on Maykee’s electronic foundations to form a new, specific sound with elements of rapcore and hard rap. The band released the third album Inconsistent Frames that works with the solid sound of live instruments in November 2011.