Plastic People of the Universe

Plastic People of the Universe (CZ)

The Czech music scene has no legend bigger than this. The band has roots in the late 1960’s would become a symbol of revolt against the totalitarian regime in the former Czechoslovakia. It was a role the band received without intention as PPU became a problem just because they wanted to play their music as free men, without any political allusions. The original music combined the legacy of American underground bands with the specific hallmark style of Milan Hlavsa. It became a political matter in the time of the constructed political trial of 1976 which was the impetus for forming the Charter 77 movement.

Some members of the Plastic People managed to attain official approval of their music in the band of Půlnoc in the second half of the 1980’s as the political situation in the country eased a little. The activities of the “Plastiks” were not restored until the second half of the 1990’s when the saxophonist Vratislav Brabenec returned from exile and joined his former band. Milan Hlavsa died prematurely in 2001, but the band survived the demise of its founder and lead composer and released an excellent album, Maska za maskou, in 2009. Songs from that record as well as the classical Hlavsa material is the contents of the current concert program of the Plastic People.