Prago Union UI 2011

Prago union (CZ)

In the beginning, there was Chaozz… It is the name of the controversial hip-hop that was famous in late 1990’s, frantically famed by ones and equally frantically despised by others. The leader of the band was the rapper Kato, using the stage name of Deph at the time. After the group disbanded, there was a break the contents of which better be forgotten. Kato launched a new project under the name of Prago Union in 2002, the first record Hrubej domácí produkt appeared in 2005 that has won considerable acclaim (not just) from hip-hop generations and reviewers.

Prago Union delivered another great coup five years later which was Dezorient Express with another serving of Kato’s astonishing rhymes.  Later in the year, Prago Union teamed up with Livě Band – a band playing live – and created a concert show that truly is second to none in the style in Czechia. Without interrupting the tour, the band released its latest record V barvách in 2011 which gave the band its second Anděl award.