The Linings (CZ)

The band was put together by the town of Benešov in 2009. They began mixing the sound of the guitar with synthetic sound and orchestra inserts. Everything is based on the DIY philosophy. The Linings used this method to compile their first EP This Computer Is Too Slow To Play This Song and the band got busy performing onstage. They took the runner-up position in the Startér Live! contest and claimed gold in another contest, the Popocafépetl Band Battle.

Under the producer’s supervision of Martin Destroyer from The Prostitutes, the band released the EP Will You Dance With Me in 2011 and was chosen by the legendary Toyen as the support for her comeback tour. The EP’s title track several times won the charts at Czech Radio 3 Vltava and Rádio Wave; it was also received playlist presence in several radio stations in Germany. The band won last year’s edition of Startér contest: this has set their foot in the door of the country’s best studios and given them media support of Rádio Wave.