tommy indian

Tommy Indian (CZ)

Another all-stars band of this year’s United Islands. It is a meeting of the producer and keyboard player Armin Effenberger (Cartonnage), drummer David Landštof, guitarist Josef Štěpánek (both from Radůza, Wabi and Ďáblovo stádo), bass guitarist Jan Lstibůrek (Toxique, Tomáš Klus) and pianist Petr Tichý (No Heroes) with the American songwriter Thomas Matthew Klika. The band’s debut album, released by Supraphon in June, shows that mixing alternative, pop and folk music may look sexy even in Czechia.

Although Tommy Indian started basically as a studio project, it has already scored its first international point. It has done very well in two worldwide music contests: Songwriting Competition 2013 and Unsigned Only. The song Slow, Slow, Slow was the only European entry that intrigued the jury whose members were artists like Tom Waits, Jeff Beck, Suzanne Vega and Robert Smith (The Cure).