United Islands opens with Club Night on Thursday, 20 June

As always, the traditional Club Night is the opportunity for all the eager fans to start the weekend musical marathon on Thursday. Prague’s 10 clubs, including the Roxy, Divadlo Archa and Rock Café, offer the best this year has to offer on the Czech alternative scene. Bands like Make My Heart Explode, Piano, Sunflower Caravan, Alef Zero, Le Pneumatiq, Peter Pan Complex, Piano, Notes From Prague and Never Sol are but the tip of the iceberg. Come and see what else hides under water – on Thursday, 20 June. Like United Islands by Česká spořitelna, the event is admission free.

“This year’s Club Night brings exceptional combinations on the level of the entire Thursday program as well as in each of the clubs. The drum’n’bass foundation mixes with dubstep and urban elements at the Roxy. While Divadlo Archa is a venue for high-quality listening concerts, it offers the endless swinging Malalata Sound System in the foyer as well as a performance of the hip-hop artists Notes From Prague. NOD, on the other hand, offers a live performance by the young band Academix and a mix of projections by Ade Anejde and Aka 47 (both ladies from Lunchmeat) with a live set by Sonority and DJ Sestra. The program of each of the clubs has been prepared as a unique, entertaining combination,” Michael Tardík, coordinator, describes the Club Night.

Both the Club Night as well as the entire United Islands by Česká spořitelna festival will commence at the Yard of the Ministry of Culture at Maltézské Square where Please The Trees with the elderly singers choir Elpida and Never Sol, a recent discovery of the Czech Club scene, open at 7.30 p.m.

A long series of concerts starts at Divadlo Archa at 6.30 p.m. Worth mentioning is certainly the solo project Piano by Mikoláš Růžička from Republic of Two. After a dreamy, electronic melancholy experience comes much harder hip-hop formation Notes From Prague with MC Antwi in the front. The next act to calm the audiences down is the sweet voice of Sára Vondrášková from the promising project Never Sol.

The Roxy club is not going to defy its orientation and will host the drum’n’bass section of the program. After the R’n’B/soul Sixin come the experienced experimenters of Alef Zero and Le Pneumatiq, other Czech masters of the broken beat. Throughout the evening, the chillout stage will be hosting DJs from DNB Fevercrew.

Make My Heart Explode and its synth-pop concert will drive you on a wave of positive energy at the Rock Café club. As the yin to their yang comes the melancholic Lealoo. The top of the evening in the Rock Café is certainly going to be the famous Sunflower Caravan.

Part of the busy Club Night is also the Malostranská beseda where you can come and hear the multi-genre music Simple Muffin as well as the unique sound of Peter Pan Complex.

If you think now that you definitely can’t go everywhere and see it all, be advised that the program of the Club Night also includes NOD, Baráčnická Rychta, Zephyr Excelent Urban Pub & Club, Café NONA as well as PopoCafePetl in Újezd. There will be over 40 musical projects performing! If you are one of those who decide to go and see it all, there is a competition for you! The first thirty persons who manage to visit all clubs of the Club Night and present a festival flyer with the stamps of all the ten clubs at the press centre will gain access to the festival’s VIP zone!


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