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Erika Fečová (CZ)

Quality R&B still remains quite a rare sight on the Czech scene. However, should anyone be fit to fill that gap, Erika Fečová will be one of the hot candidates. The singer, famous from the bands like Navigators and Connection, decided to make her dreams come true and went solo in 2011. She is the author of her music and the lyrics, presenting her view of the styles of smooth r&b, neosoul and pop music.

She was born in Prague in 1986 to a family of musicians. She was four when she started dancing in the folklore dance group. She started taking private piano lessons in the age of nine, but it was singing that pleased her the most, so she decided to focus on the latter under the supervision of respected professors Lída Nopová and Eva Svobodová, who would take her through the Conservatory as well. She released The Stories, her first solo album, in 2012.