Johannes Benz (CZ)

A unique project of the Czech scene presents the audiovisual story of a wayward truck driver. Fourteen original post-folk songs on love, specters, and crossroads of life played live meet visual projection designed specifically for the purpose. The project was inspired by Walt Whitman’s The Song of the Open Road, which Johannes Benz comment over a century later.

The band is built from distinctive musicians famous for  their collaboration with Czech music personalities (e.g. Radůza, Robert Křesťan, Lenka Dusilová and Justin Lavash). Fullmoon magazine comments on the project: “The winning audio show was underpinned by an excellent soundtrack played live. The guitarists Jan Foukal and Josef Štěpánek, the drummer David Landštof and the bass guitarist Jan Lstibůrek and the Harvey Sisters on the vocals have created a convincing atmosphere of special timelessness, worthy of David Lynch’s cinematic poetry.”