Václav Koubek (CZ)

Everyone who wants to write songs and play the accordion must have an opinion on Koubek. And they must also understand that they will be compared. Václav Koubek has, once and for good, raised the bar of Czech accordion songwriting and printed his personality in it. His typical concoction of inner sensitiveness and pub-style rowdiness touches everything the artist does: be it playing solo or in various bands, writing of tales, theater or film acting, making of films.

Last but not least, Koubek is a famous organizer of culture events. His Vesnický Klub in Chotěmice is a popular meeting point for musicians of various styles and very few go there “just for the gig”, everyone understands it to be a very special event. However, Václav Koubek delivers most of his strength when he holds his accordion and starts to sing.