Le Pneumatiq UI 2009

Le pneumatiq (CZ)

The trio surrounding the producer and DJ Howska sees music as a vast pool of fun – and it shows. Their concerts, both inland and abroad, represent contagious dance parties as an n-th reincarnation of breakbeat and drum’n’bass. Since the band was established in 2006, Le Pneumatiq have managed to appear in the majority of the most important clubs and festivals. Their largest “coup” in the media now seems to be the five tracks the producer Jan P. Muchow selected for the soundtrack of the successful Czech film, Pusinky.

The band’s debut album, Beat Safari, was released in 2007. The first contact the outside world had with the album was the comic video Life with Lego block-game men as main leads.  The next album, Seven Sisters, followed in 2012. Its release marked the separation of MC Adrenalin, the band’s vocalist for many years, and his replacement by MC Turner, a multi-instrumentalist and lyricist from Tennessee, USA. His input, apart from new lyrics and a catchy rendition of the Czech language, will lie in higher emphasis on live instruments which should add even more energy to the live performances and the stage show.