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Sylvie Krobová (CZ)

She is one of the most striking Czech women singer-songwriters. Coming from a theatrical background, her father is Andrej Krob, the famous producer of Václav Havel’s absurd drama plays and the director of Divadlo Na tahu, where Sylvie occasionally performs. She has majored in opera singing at the State Conservatory, been a vocalist for rock bands and contemporary classical music and spent years as a music teacher.

However, since 2006, when she released the excellent original debut album, Stín, she has been known as a singer-songwriter who plays her accordion and piano.  Her songs are abundant in lyrical imagery and contain a most unique sensitivity that can be likened to what classical literature calls, with the truest of intentions, “the broad Russian soul”. Apart from the debut album, she has released two albums, Svět podivínů and Chvilka co se chytí, with similar tone and equal quality.