Vlasta Třešňák (CZ)

The truly legendary singer-songwriter Vlasta Třešňák did rise to fame as a solo performer with an acoustic guitar, but even before he emigrated in 1982, he had had several performances with a band that was formed from his Romani friends from the Prague district of Karlín. When Třešňák returned to his home country in the 1990’s, he attempted to restore the broken musical relationship with his former band. However, he would establish the new Vlasta Třešňák Band that oriented heavily on raw rock music the performer had had strong allusions to since the end of the 1960’s when his career started.

Třešňák and the Band first released Inventura in 2005 that was followed by Skopolamin (2007) and Němý suflér (2010). Třešňák’s latest album Alter Ego was released this spring, and it is again a new kind in his discography: this was the first time the author used the accompaniment of Temporary Quintet, an ensemble of jazz musicians. However, the music from the record has also been adopted by the rock-music Vlasta Třešňák Band which offers an interesting opportunity to compare the different attitudes of different music worlds to the same material.