Maybe you think there is something odd in the wording “Balkans brass music band from Spain”: this means you have not heard the band yet. The ensemble was formed in Fall 2010 and it has won the audiences in being similar to the best Balkans brass bands playing simply, passionately and without barriers, adding to that handfuls of ken and humor. Its positive energy and excellent communication with the audiences quickly won the band a solid position in the Spanish music scene. Tomáš Průša, a former saxophonist of the Czech band Vltava, is a member of the project too.

The band has been gaining better and better presence in the Czech Republic since 2012 especially through the cooperation with the popular ensemble, The Tap Tap. The basic lineup contains four instruments: trumpet, saxophone, bugle and tuba, but when necessary, other instruments such as percussion, accordion or trombone may join in. The band is no stranger to appearing with DJs and playing with electronic foundations.