Noční Optika (CZ)

Ever since its first concert, Noční optika has been present at Prague’s music scene without a change in the lineup. It is the meeting point of musicians with varied music experience: classical music, garage big beat, Frýdlant jazz workshop as well as the Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory. They have made an inconsistent, yet strangely permanent team.

They have performed in festivals like Jazz goes to town, Jazzinec, Alternativa; they have also done experimental projects (the melodrama The Executioner with the actor Petr Stach). The band has recorded two CD’s and the third is in the making. Their most frequent venues today are Agharta and Jazzdock as well as churches and theaters. They only perform their original material; the lyrical side being the music of the guitarist Miroslav Nosek while the more epic are the pieces by the pianist Jakub Dvořáček. However, the other members, the flutist Štěpán Zbytovský, the cellist and bass guitarist Jan Keller and the drummer Jan Linhart, do have a say in the band’s musical expression.